Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Fairy Lake Christmas

Every now and then you get lost in a magical moment and the way you see your world changes a little forever. One Christmas night I went for a ride to see the Christmas lights and I came upon a lovely setting called Fairy Lake. We were living in Toronto at the time and my girls were taking riding lessons at a horse barn nearby. So, I went to get us some hot chocolate in town. There was a lake in the center of the little town of New Market called Fairy Lake, and as I drove passed the lake I was captured by the beauty set before me.

The lake was all lit up with Christmas lights twinkling against the dark starry night. A slight piece of land looking like a fairy size island sat in the middle of the lake. A beautiful Christmas tree all lit up boasted beautiful Christmas lights and was on display right in the center of the island. The lights reflected in the lake and the image of the tree and the island made it look like a beautiful Christmas centerpiece.

To me it looked just the way Christmas is supposed to look. Nothing fancy, just the splendor of lights against the simplicity of nature. All of a sudden my eye caught the sight of what appeared to be a parade of lights in the distance marching towards me. Twinkling lights looking like fairy dust all in a line but getting larger as it got closer to me. I watched and waited for the light of the nearby lamppost to define what I was seeing. There marching in a straight line like baby ducklings was a group of little children and each child carried a lit candle. The leader seemed to be enjoying the moment as much as I was observing it. No one was around, with the exception of this young woman and her parade of lights wearing snowsuits, caps, scarves and mittens.

I sat in silence wanting to share the moment, but finding myself all alone and memorizing each detail so I could tell the girls. I had no camera in the car, just my wishing to embrace this serendipitous moment. The quiet of the moment of that snowy night was only interrupted by the sound of the children’s laughter. The innocence lighting up that Christmas evening was painted into my stash of Christmas memories forever. I believe that Christmas embraces the little ones, but it is the little ones that teach us the true wisdom of Christmas.

I relive that beautiful night every Christmas and bring to life the image that I embraced years ago. It reminds me to observe the splendor that surrounds me each Christmas and to look for the simplicity. To learn to appreciate love, nature and the simple pleasures as the only gifts I truly need. Looking into a child's face at Christmas aglow with believing in the magic of the season, reflects that which we must remind ourselves to embrace, or we risk forgetting to look for that same magic which still lives in our hearts.

If I were to give you my very best gift this Christmas, it would be that you enjoy a Fairy Lake Christmas this season.

To see Fairy Lake in Fabric, click on the image


Page said...

Oh, how I wish you'd had a camera!
It's wonderful how these unexpected and serendipitious moments can modify the way we experience Christmas.

windy angels said...

Karen, this story is very magical. It certainly has touched my spirit. These are the kinds of moments I most treasure also about Christmas. Thank you sincerely for taking time to share these stories with us.
I adore this one. I feel myself there with you in the telling.
This entire blog is magical. I've had the music playing in the background as I've tried to choose one of the countdowns for my everyday blog.
Thanks again. I've been inspired and will certainly return for more moments of the holiday magic.

Mary Isabella said...

I have just finished reading your entire blog. thanks so much for sharing this with us this Christmas. Smiles mary

celestina marie said...

Karen, what a lovely memory, and you know, even without the camera, you captured the experience perfectly through your words.
I love your painting to illustrate the children,

This is a yummy Christmas blog and I look forward to reading more each day.
Thank you so much!
Merry Christmas,
hugs, Celestina Marie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I saw this on your sidebar...and didn't realize you had a Christmas blog, too! Very beautiful! I really love it, Karen! Thanks! ♥

Minton Hanks said...

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