Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Chrismon Tree

A few years ago the music director of our church recommended that I research The Chrismon Christmas Tree, when I volunteered to help make Christmas ornaments. The tree always looked so sad to me, and certainly not a celebration for Christmas. I learned that the Chrismon ornaments represent Christ.

"In 1957, Frances Kipps Spencer began thinking of a way to decorate the Christmas tree in her church that would be more suitable for a sanctuary. She thought that the usual brightly colored Christmas ornaments were just not appropriate for a setting of worship, so she began researching and looking for something that would reflect the Christian faith."

With the help of my daughter Sarah, we made all the ornaments for this tree from paper. We were very pleased the way that it turned out, and learning about the history really made it even more special. It is such a wonderful thing to do with children also, as it teaches us the meaning behind each ornament. I can't even begin to tell you how meaningful it was to make dozens of angels, crosses, miniature bibles and doves made from paper doilies. Each time we completed an image to do with our faith made the spirit of Christmas truly come alive.

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